District 7550 Simplified Grants (DSG)


What is the purpose of District Grants?

District grants fund short-term projects and activities, either local or international. The purpose of District Grants is to help your Rotary club make a positive difference in your local community by sharing funds from The Rotary Foundation. Please encourage your club members to apply for these grants early while funding is still available (first come, first served basis).


Where can I download the form?

 You will find the District Grant Application on the District website, www.rotary7550.com, at the bottom of this page. Since this is a Word document  you can save the file on your computer, type your responses directly on either form and send them in attached to an eMail or via snail mail.


How do I apply for a District Grant?

Send an email to Ginny Jaskot, ginjaz@comcast.net with your application included as a separate attachment


How much money can my club apply for?

  • No minimum budget
  • District will contribute 50% of the cost of your project up to $1,000. (Example: If your club spends $1,000 you may request a grant of $500 (50%). If your club spends $2,000 you may request $1,000, which is the current maximum allowed.)
  • Requests for second grants will be reviewed after first round of grants.
  • Consider partnering with another Rotary Club or organization to increase funding.
  • Club must meet qualification requirements.
  • Club must submit the name of a Rotary Foundation Chair.
  • Club must complete proposed grant project, submit final report, and will then be reimbursed.



What types of projects get approved?


  1. Your club members must be actively involved in the project. The goal is for your members to make a difference in your community not simply to hand out money.
  2. Projects which receive significant publicity to enhance the image of Rotary in your community are strongly encouraged.
  3. Projects can support scholars, pursuing any level of study locally or internationally.
  4. Reimbursement may be contingent upon final report reflecting original grant request.


What are some examples of successful projects?

  • Partnering with Boy Scouts to do a community landscaping project.
  • Providing dictionaries for third grade children.dictionaryproject.com
  • Contact a Veterans Center to learn how to serve those who first served us.
  • Providing Backpacks with weekend meals for needy children.foodshuttle.org
  • Contributing and assembling recreation equipment for youth groups.
  • Assembling donated furniture at a prison’s day room for visiting children.
  • Providing books for primary school libraries
  • Providing computers for disadvantaged children to provide instruction.
  • Assembling bikes for economically challenged children.
  • Hosting events for senior citizens or children with special needs.
  • Host a Rotary Appreciation Luncheon for Firemen and Police Officers that serve your community.
  • Join with another rotary club to renovate some rooms at The Salvation Army.
  • Contact your local Association of the Blind and offer to provide Braille books and audio tapes.
  • Join with several club members and volunteer as tutors for a Literacy Council and purchase books for their lending library.
  • Help your local businesses promote Business Ethics by hosting an Ethics Program.
  • Sponsor a class for future chefs helping them to learn skills that will enable them to get jobs to support their families. foodshuttle.org
  • Books for Babies-Present new mothers with a gift of a new book to encourage lifelong reading. Include a Rotary sticker with the 4 Way Test  to promote Rotary.
  • Contact a children’s home or orphanage to learn how you might be able to help them.
  • Establish a “Teacher Store” to offer free school supplies for teachers at the beginning of the semester.
  • Work with your local Parks Department to refurbish a playground, paint a gazebo or plant bushes or flowers.
  • Coordinate a clothing drive for needy folks seeking employment. Guide them on ways to dress appropriately for interviews and work situations.
  • Build a Disc Golf Course in your community similar to the one at Rotary Park in Huntington which is located near a low income neighborhood.
  • Paint a room at your local City Mission. Buy them some new tables and chairs.
  • Do a “Total Makeover” of a senior citizen’s yard…select four homes in your community…plant bushes, cut the grass, add mulch and paint the mailbox.
  • Help with a local health clinic’s “Immunization Day” that serves the poor. Pay for the shots and serve refreshments.
  • Host a Rotary Fun Day for families of children with special needs or children with parents away serving in the military.


For more information, visit www.rotary7550.com and download “DSG Guidelines” and “Application for DSG”. Items on the above list are suggested activities only and other ideas are encouraged. All DSG applications must be approved by the District Grants Committee.


Who can I contact with questions?

We’re glad you asked! It is often a good idea to ask the District Rotary Foundation Coordinator (Jeff Disibbio) or District Grants Chair (Ginny Jaskot) for guidance and suggestions early in the application process.


            Ginny Jaskot 304-634-9032  ginjaz@comcast.net  


What is required after my project is complete?

Submit the Final Report form with receipts included and signed. The form can also be downloaded from the district website. Funding will be on a reimbursement basis.


Did you know?

Since these funds come from The Rotary foundation. Grant Funds cannot be used for:

  • Purchase of land or buildings.
  • Construction of any structure in which individuals live, work, or engage in any gainful activity or for the renovation of structures or upgrading services to the structure.
  • Administrative or operation expenses of any organization including salaries and stipends.
  • Excessive support of any one beneficiary, cooperating organization or project.
  • Fund raising activities or expenses related to Rotary events.
  • Entertainment events that do not have a humanitarian element.
  • Donations to organizations that support purely religious functions.


Rotary is grateful for all you do! Service above Self!

When the file opens save it to your computer and then fill out the form:

Final Report 2018-2019

Grant Application 2018-2019

Club Qualification Memorandum of Understanding

Download Adobe Free Reader XI to use the Above PDF’s