District Map

Rotary International District 7550 covers southern West Virginia (from Huntington and Kenova on the Kentucky border on the west, through Charleston, south to Bluefield on the Virginia border, then east through White Sulfur Springs) with over 1,300 members and 26 clubs.  

The History of Rotary International: District 7550

It is interesting to note how we have become known as District 7550.

As early as 1914 this Districts was part of the Eastern Division. Comprising the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and the District of Columbia.

1915 this District was known as District #7, which was made up of West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan (Lower Peninsula).

Then in 1918 we became District #6, made up of Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and West Virginia.  In 1922 it was changed to #24, just West Virginia (only that portion west of the western boundaries of the counties of Grant and Pendleton) which remained in effect until 1937 when our district became #185. ( In 1937 we had 38 clubs in the district).  This lasted until 1949 when we were changed to District #273.

In 1952 the District split, with the north staying #273 and the south became known as #274.

In 1957 the north became #753 and the south #755.

Then effective 1 July 1991, all Rotary Districts were identified by a four digit number, to be accomplished by adding a zero at the end of each current district number. Therefore we became known as District #7550.

The District is part of Rotary Zone 33.